Intuitive Guidance

Is Intuitive Guidance right for you?

Is it hard to discuss serious issues?

Do you repeat negative cycles in your life?

Do you want to understand the “why” of things all the time?

Do you crave a deeper connection to the spiritual?

Do you feel constrained by traditional religious beliefs?

Do you feel there is more to life than how you are living?
Do you feel powerless to control your life?

Answering “yes” to any of the above questions means, yes, you will benefit from an intuitive guidance program.

“I’ve had a few sessions with Maureen and she actually channeled an aunt of mine that passed at a young age that I had been close to. She had a message for me that only I would have known. There was a ….feeling in the room that was warm and loving… she is magical.”
– Debra M

“I went for a healing and she kept getting a picture in her head of my grandfather that I had never met. She described the picture and his life in detail and I remember feeling irritated because it didn’t mean anything to me. I told my father about it and the next day he sent me a picture of his father that was exactly how she had described it. It was unreal.” – Daniel A.



My Intuitive Guidance program is not therapy, psychiatry, or psychology. We will connect with each other to talk about specific areas of your life you are most concerned with, or where you feel you are blocked.

This is a cooperative and private effort for both of us and can be conducted via ZOOM or over the
phone.  There is nothing you need to do except relax, and I can take you through a few simple breathing exercises to do so. This will put us in touch with your guiding forces or spirit guides to provide clarity in nearly any situation, and empower you to make the best decisions for your best life.

Each session is completely confidential and no individual records are ever kept.

The benefits to you include:

  • Getting unstuck from a certain area(s) of your life
  • Balance in your life
  • Discover “old tapes” in your narrative preventing you from moving forward
  • Clarity for your life path
  • Ancestral knowledge
  • Real connection to your guides


Often being stuck means that there are things in our lives we need to let go of in order to get on our true path.

These “things” can be attitudes or beliefs, friends, certain places, even family members. You can learn to detach with love from anyone creating havoc in your life. Look at it this way: is there anything in your life that disrupts your serenity?  What do you need to let go of? Sometimes the universe steps in and does it for us if we resist too long.  Consider the break up you didn’t see coming that devastated you, or the loss of a job you loved. When you look back at that time, did you wind up with a person better suited to you, or in a better work culture?

Occasionally some of us need a few lessons in this before we understand, and that’s ok. The universe keeps giving us the lesson until we learn it.

Intuitive Guidance Sessions
$100 for half an hour
$175 full hour
$275 for 3 session package

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Intuitive Guidance connects our energies to allow me to intuitively tune in to the areas of your body-mind-spirit that need attention. It often produces a feeling of well-being and balance.

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$100 for half an hour, $175 full hour, $450 for 3 session package