These sessions with Maureen are priceless. I walk away with deeper insights every time and a heightened sense of being connected to something larger than myself. –

Bridgette P.

Maureen is just amazing. She cares about your journey like it is her own, and she understands the pitfalls and trappings that can keep us from getting there. I totally love her.
Jessica M.

Post-Session Guidance


Each session I provide has lasting effects – and there are some insights that may come to you later. It’s important to talk about these insights and learnings as we work together on your chosen path.

After each session with me, I want to make sure your awareness remains heightened and that I can answer any additional questions you may have.

There is a Japanese philosophy I discuss in my book: kintsugi. When a vase or a ceramic piece breaks, they do not discard it. Instead they fill the cracks with liquid gold (or platinum or silver) so that the repaired item is more valuable because of the breaks, and the brokenness becomes part of its history.

This is how I view our transformation journey together. The services I offer are designed to heal those cracks in our souls, our hearts, our minds, and move forward with our broken pieces a part of us, but not dictating our lives.

In my book I talk about getting past my depression, my loss, and some of the trauma in my life. I was broken and I was walking around that way. It wasn’t until I learned to heal – through much of this work – that I found my own “liquid gold” and start my transformation to real, inner happiness.

This is my wish for you.

Post session guidance
$100 for half an hour
$175 full hour
$275 3-session package


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Post session Guidance is allowing the work we’ve done for your transformation and begin to apply it to areas of your life. It is a crucial element of the work we are doing, and it is necessary to learn how to apply your learning.

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$100 for half an hour, $175 full hour, $275 3-session package