I want to share with you my experience of having both Reiki healing and guided meditation with Maureen Cronin. She is so incredibly authentic, kind, loving, connected and knowledgeable I have done both one-on-one and group sessions with Maureen where I was led in meditations and Reiki sharing and connection. I found the whole experience deeply healing and profoundly moving. I am truly grateful to Maureen for these wonderful experiences, for the Reiki healing, and the gentle guided meditations, that brought me deep into and out of myself. I also enjoyed her kind spirit. Maureen has a lovely way of leading you into a space of deep healing. My Reiki energy experience uncovered a buried place of trauma that I was able to release and find a peace and healing I had not even known existed. I use the simple breathing and relaxation techniques continually throughout my stressful days.


Through these processes I was brought to places of such depth and full energetic realizations. Maureen is very knowledgeable and taught me so many tools and methods, techniques and meditations to help heal and expand my inner spiritual growth. I feel like I now have knowledge and wisdom that I need to help support my healing and growth in all areas of my life. Maureen was informative and explained the chakras and took me through everything with a most reassuring presence. Maureen provides a relaxing and healing environment and offers powerful spiritual teachings that have the ability to tap into our inner essence and make them attainable to all of us with such a fun, light spirited delivery. These experiences provide me with what I need to enjoy life and truly be happy, joyous and free.  I could not have asked for a better teacher and guide and as I continue with Maureen in chakra meditations and Reiki energy work my physical, mental and spiritual well-being continue to improve.

James M.

Maureen is a life-saver!! Not only is she a talented author but her healing qualities are unmatched! I am a longtime migraine sufferer and I was with Maureen when one came in with a vengeance. While I am not the type of person to seek healing through non-traditional means, when she offered to help, I figured why not. She worked on me for about an hour using polarity and Reiki. Not only did my migraine subside, I slept for 10 hours afterward!! It was as though my body was drained from the energy it took for the healing to work!! The best part is that my migraines have not returned!!!

Thank you Maureen!!!!!

Elizabeth L.

In 2015, I over did it on the treadmill incline.  Due to a hip issue, I decided to make up for lost time, and   because of my poor decision, I wound up with “Foot drop”.   A few symptons of Foot drop include inability to hold footwear, loosening of the footwear, dragging of the affected foot while walking, tripping, falling, high steppage gait, limp foot, and numbness.

The swelling and the pain was unbearable.  I called Maureen Cronin and explained what was happening.  She had me come over and performed Reiki on my foot.  The following day I saw my Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Osric King, who is affiliated with the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC.  Dr. King told me that I could have lost my foot and that I should have gone to the hospital.  I then, somewhat bashfully, told him that a Reiki Master performed Reiki on it and it has felt better.  What I then heard was shocking.  Dr. Osric said had she not performed Reiki, I could have lost my foot.  I was amazed that he had a belief in Reiki and asked me a few questions about the procedure she used.

Stephanie N.

“We wanted to bring mindfulness into our company for our employees. As an officer in the company, we can’t just say that we provide a work-life balance, we need to give our employees the tools and support they need to be able to incorporate it into their lives.

Maureen came highly recommended from a colleague, who had hired Maureen for one workshop. Word spread throughout the company and they brought her back to conduct full day workshops for all the departments in the company.

I met with Maureen and she was able to create a completely customized plan for our company and our goals. The full day workshop was such a huge success, we are adding it our benefits section as a selling point to candidates, and we are conducting them twice a year. Some of the things she taught us in the workshop stay with me, and I find myself practicing some of her techniques in the midst of stressful situations or when I feel creatively blocked.”

Richard C.


“Maureen’s workshop is amazing. I am a client of Maureen’s and I brought her in to meet with my COO, who is a strong advocate of mindfulness practices. He was sold after her presentation and we conducted a Health and Wellness Mind Body Soul full day workshop. We went off site, which Maureen recommends, and every single employee reported that they had an incredibly positive experience that stayed with them for days. We surveyed employees and many of them felt noticeably more productive in their work, and grateful to the company for such a great program.

We bring her in once a year and even have one scheduled for this fall while practicing social distancing. I can’t recommend her highly enough – she is professional, smart, funny, and fantastic!” 

Carol W.

People Leader