Meet Maureen Cronin

Maureen Cronin knows how to overcome trauma and loss. In her personal life she experienced depression over the fact that she could not be a mother, and was learning to deal with a sexual assault in her past.  Prior to that she had lost everything in a fire (2004), and learned to rebuild. In 2012 she lost everything again in Superstorm Sandy – the deadliest and most destructive, as well as the strongest, hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season.

After spending many years dealing with failed IVF procedures, she was left feeling bereft and broken. That’s why she sought to rebuild herself this time – with a soul makeover.  She found different healing modalities and studied Reiki until she was a Reiki master. She developed her own form of meditation – the one-minute meditation – that helped her transform into a fulfilled, soul-happy person.  She has now dedicated herself to helping anyone who is stuck in negative patterns through her book, Happy Brain, Happy Life, and through her healing services through Reiki, guided meditation, breathwork sessions, Past Life regressions, and more.  

“Of course you can re-train your brain. It is, after all, your brain.”

Maureen H. Cronin

Author Happy Brain, Happy Life