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Happy Brain, Happy Life

Publication Date: March 6, 2020

Who’s happy? Truly, down-deep-in-the-soul happy? Maureen Cronin weaves the tale of her journey to real happiness – but not before sitting in the “in the fifth ring of my inner hell” – with honesty, humor, and thought-provoking context.

First she had to get past the anger and disappointment about not being able to be a mother – she had anger at God, the world, herself – and it was not a smooth or easy journey. It took practice.

Frustrated with failed attempts to meditate, as she could not sit still for 40 minutes or chant as practiced meditators can, she coined her own one-minute meditation and found that it was actually re-training her brain. That’s when everything started to change for the better. She sought out many forms of healthy happiness, like helping others through Reiki and guided meditations, increasing her meditation times, random acts of kindness, and finally scientific research that proved the positive effects on the brain – and the heart – through regular meditation and practicing happiness.

This book is meant to inspire and bring hope for anyone struggling with challenges in their personal lives.

Maureen H. Cronin has written numerous articles for New York’s Newsday, and is a long time practitioner of daily meditation. She is a Reiki Master, guided chakra meditation leader, and mindfulness advisor in her community and for several large corporations. She studied communications at Emerson College and currently lives in New York. This is her second novel.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Practical and Applicable

I’m not a big fan of self help books, however I found this book to be very relevant and timely. The author’s style lends itself to almost a novel type of read versus textbook boring. Her analogies are helpful and her anecdotes are poignant and touching. I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style, and gleaned a lot of highly applicable life-lessons. I would highly recommend the book to anyone who is struggling in their life. Well done!”  –Stephanie Gilbert


Go Faster Go: Memoir of a Friend

Serving as a tribute to a dear friend with an incredible life against insurmountable odds, Ms. Cronin paints a portrait of Rosemary Flanagan, a woman who recovers from non-Hodgkins lymphoma as a child, a failed marriage and alcoholism. This story of the friendship between Rosemary and Christine deepens as one is diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of thirty. It is this friendship that brings them to a God of their understanding and to the true nature of love. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to breast cancer awareness programs.

A must read...

“Maureen is spot on! The title of this book explains it all! I know I will be adopting this philosophy to my own life. I enjoyed this book so much that I am rereading it again starting on my flight home!” -Susan P.

Her writing style makes learning fun

This book helped me realize a lot of things in my life that was holding me back from being truly happy. I will no longer let one day go by without meditating. Maureen explains the chakras so well that I finally understand. The title says it all.Bobby Hennigan

Amazing !

I loved all aspects of this book !! I constantly found myself nodding my head and feeling a sense of connection with the author !! I can’t wait to try all the suggestions of meditation and clearing out my chakra !! Definitely a must read !-Roxyboy

Happy Brain, Happy Life is a must-read!

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