“We are not humans having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Unknown

“Maureen led me through a deep relaxation… I was barely aware of her voice yet I was aware of what I was seeing. I was in conflict with my father in this past life…which resonated with me in this life. I’ve done two more with Maureen and I recommend her highly. We recently did a small group of us together. It was an indelible bonding exercise that all of us cherish.” William C.

Guided Past Life Regression Sessions


Past life regression can help you clear, heal, and resolve deep-seated issues within the subconscious mind which are creating blockages in your life now. This is not hypnosis, and you will remember what you see.

You will be brought to relaxation with some breathing exercises and calming imagery, then gently led to begin your journey into your past life. I will guide you the entire time, assisting in finding the date of where you are and your surroundings.  You will be aware throughout and in a deeply relaxed state. You’ll be answering my questions as I guide you through the journey.

All you need to do is relax.

Not only can past life regression sessions help uncover unresolved conflicts from that life that may be repeating patterns in your current life, but it can help you develop spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. People who have done sessions with me report that they feel more aligned to their life purpose, a heightened sense of intuition, and a deeper connection to loved ones – living and deceased.

We are all immortal souls that are always loved and can never be harmed. Our spiritual guides and guardian angels are always with us, and opening this portal is where you can communicate and receive messages, healing, and insight.

Individual and group sessions available. In-person or via ZOOM or telephone.

$250 per session.
Group rates differ.

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Guided Past Life Regression Sessions


A past life regression can help you clear, heal, and resolve deep-seated issues within the subconscious mind which are creating blocks to your happiness.

Group rates of four or more available.