I’ve been going to Maureen for years and after COVID hit, we were still able to do it over the phone. Her energy is amazing. –
Richard F.

Highly recommend. Maureen has the ability to relax my mind form all the worries of the day and all the stresses at work. I go for a session every month.
John J.



The sessions include various breathing methods in which the conscious control of breathing can relax you into a very deep relaxed state. This is not only beneficial for your mind, it can actually “exercise” your inner organs, leading to a healthier physical body.

Can breathing actually calm our nervous systems? The short answer is yes. And it is often overlooked as an essential way to regulate our moods, hormone levels, and digestive system.

You may recall instances when you are excited or nervous, what happens to your breath? It’s quicker and more shallow. This is natural. When you’re calm and relaxed in a situation, our breath slows down naturally. That’s when we are diaphragm breathing, sending messages to the brain to slow down, creating a sense of calm.

There are several kinds of breathing that will help with everything from sleeping better and deep relaxation to mitigating panic or anxiety attacks.

Breathwork sessions are recommended in a minimum package of three, and are available in more detailed packages depending on the anxiety or stress you want to eliminate.

Breathwork Sessions
$100 for half an hour
$175 full hour
$275 3-session package


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